Thursday, June 27, 2002

Another morning, another television show that delights in making fun of Ann Coulter as she attempts to pitch her new book. Oh joy, there is a God...

Today, it was MSNBC showing a repeat (a repeat!) of Ann's on-air time with Boston columnist (and George Carlin fan) Mike Barnicle where she whinned about being paired on-air with a "liberal" pundit capable of pointing out the lies and inaccuracies of her book. Despite Barnicle's natural conservative/right slant, even he found Ann's near-tearful complaints "disingenuous." She claimed that Barnicle's set-up was further evidence of media bias. "When you had Al Franken on promoting his book, you didn't have a conservative with him on camera to pick him apart!" she boo-hoo'ed.

Well, could that be because Al is an funny guy who wrote a political comedy book? Get some more good jokes Ann and you'll be playing the big rooms solo too.

More fun on this subject was found at Daily Howler, in an article called We Live In Very Stupid Times. Ann Coulter Proves It.. The writer noted Ann's "proof" that the New York Times was a liberal media organ - a LEXISNEXUS search that revealed the phrase "far right wing" was used by the NY Times 109 times, versus only 17 times for the phrase "far left wing." The Daily Howler did a bit 'o research himself and found a similarly overwhelming ratio in the not so liberal Washington Times (37 to 7. Reported by Ann? No, no, no. Also not reported was this extra bit o' research the Howler conducted, which demonstrates not every mention of far right wing is political in nature:

Here's one of the (far right wing) items which Coulter included. It concerns b-ball coach Larry Brown:

ARATON: Without a road victory in over a month, deadlocked at a game apiece with a vastly inferior opponent, the Magic trailed deep into the fourth quarter. Then Nick Anderson hit a 3-pointer from the far right wing. Brown remembered a defensive trap that caused a turnover, and the mixture of elation and relief on the Orlando players' faces as they huddled up for a few tender moments.

That may not be the "far right wing" you had in mind.

F*ck it--she counted it anyway.

Even my conservative-leaning but still sane buddy Warren feels the horror that is Ann Coulter. Yesterday, he wrote:

I have heard of her before, but never seen her in action. I found it remarkable as I watched her interviewed by the pleasant and non-confrontational Bridget Quinn that I am largely in agreement with her on issues AND I find her more-or-less physically attractive and yet I still wanted her to go someplace far away and never trouble these shores again.

This day is starting off right.

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