Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Most of blogs I mention in these pages are created by people whom I imagine are somewhat similar to me. But once in a while, Site Meter links reveal websites on which I never ever thought I'd be mentioned. Take for instance, the quirky and fobodding Demon's Realm, a gothic-inspired world that introduces itself with Read as I vomit forth the excrement of my mind- listen as the unrepentant Catholic rants on.

Yeoooww! Believe it or not, Suburban Limbo is on the lihnk list, just below Realm of the Faerie Dragon.

The blog's creator (Matthew Gomez) appears to be a strugging writer and D&D fan. The blog is a journal tracking his creative efforts and life. But similar to Chris Rattan's goth-kid/Cinnabon employee character on Saturday Night Live, Matthew's got a bit of a ying and yang thing going. In one entry, he's waxing vampiresque - Ahhhhh "Lucretia My Reflection" came on while I was working on a description of Nightshades... - followed soon after by the crunching boredom of reality - Another Monday, another day doing payroll. I think I'll go out and grab an iced coffee first, because it promises to be that kind of a day.

This isn't high art, but it's weird and original and I give the guy points for laying it down his way. Props to, Mr Gomez.

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