Friday, June 28, 2002

Peter sent me a link for, which transforms into CoulterWatch, a site that claims to promote "the proposition that Conservatism can only endure as a viable and vibrant movement if it maintains a commitment to the core character traits of honor and integrity, honesty and virtue."

Part of the mission - which they admit is conservative in nature but fully capable of crossing party lines - is to rip Ann Coulter to shreds on a daily basis, not only mocking her "work" and her record, but also of her bit too thin presence. In fact, it seems the anorexia angle was the start of the site and there are many fine quotes from Ann such as It's never unhealthy to be too thin or this piece of gracious communication Why don’t they [fat people] just go on a diet? ... I’d be more sympathetic to them except on the fat acceptance website they’re always viciously attacking me. So I think they should all go on diets.

I can't say if this is really a conservative-run site or not. It might be the project of some disinformation operatives, but it is worth a read.

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