Tuesday, June 18, 2002

For some odd reason, this doesn't shock me at all - Islamic Bloc, Christian Right Team Up to Lobby U.N. Yes, anti abortion/gay foes are putting aside their petty differences to fight for what's really important. Oklahoma City? World Trade Center? I bet they'll agree on those details pretty soon too. Ohh...and they've got Bush's backing too. Jeeze, do you think there's room in New Zealand for me and the family to hide for the next decade? Here's the lead:

UNITED NATIONS -- Conservative U.S. Christian organizations have joined forces with Islamic governments to halt the expansion of sexual and political protections and rights for gays, women and children at United Nations conferences.

The new alliance, which coalesced during the past year, has received a major boost from the Bush administration, which appointed antiabortion activists to key positions on U.S. delegations to U.N. conferences on global economic and social policy.

But it has been largely galvanized by conservative Christians who have set aside their doctrinal differences, cemented ties with the Vatican and cultivated fresh links with a powerful bloc of more than 50 moderate and hard-line Islamic governments, including Sudan, Libya, Iraq and Iran.

"We look at them as allies, not necessarily as friends," said Austin Ruse, founder and president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, a New York-based organization that promotes conservative values at U.N. social conferences. "We have realized that without countries like Sudan, abortion would have been recognized as a universal human right in a U.N. document."

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