Thursday, June 20, 2002

Thanks to everyone who wrote about this week's heart attack story. I feel better. Warren says I wasn't having a heart attack, I was having a panic attack. Me! Mr. Calm! I can't hardly believe it, but I do feel better now and have gotten through two more workouts, so I must not be on death's door.

Just to test the blood pressure, I got into a dandy shouting match this morning with some city workers today as they ripped up the curbs in front of my house. A guy driving a bucket loader would roar down the block at high speed and try to pick up 30 feet of broken curb from the street on one pass. He'd go so fast that curb chunks would fly and his 3-person crew would have to jump out of the way. Frankly, I thought it was dangerous, so I asked Hey, would you mind going a bit slower. This is a neighborhood and you might rip out somebody's sprinkler or hit a tree or hurt these people who have to stand in front of you. That set him off. He wasn't going to have some white suburban Daddy telling him how to drive his rig.

I said fine, and while they all shouted at me, I walked around the blocked, flagged down their boss and told him. He sent over the head guy who was nice as I explained If you tell me the way he's driving is okay, fine. But it seems reckless to me. I was ready to walk away, but the driver kept shouting at me. The head guy finally told me It's not his driving that's gonna get him in trouble, it's the fact that he won't shut up.

That's your thing to deal with, I said. Of course, I felt bad I might get the guy in trouble but that only lasted about ten seconds. Then I felt, Fuck him. He could have driven more resonably. He could have listened to my first complaint and said, Oh, I'm sorry. We'll tone it down Instead, like the man said, he wouldn't shut up. Fuck him.

I fully expect the idiot to come back at night and knock over our mailbox or driveway light. We'll see. Usually, the city workers here are great - helpful, efficient and friendly. But I refuse to take such shit. I refuse to be a witness at a future lawsuit where I'll have to hear some lawyer ask, If you thought he was driving recklessly before he sideswiped your car, why didn't you tell him? I did tell him and he acted like as ass.

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