Thursday, June 06, 2002

Alice in TV Land linked me to this hilarious tale of a cheap-o local news operation - Morris Memories/Miseries. If the suits aren't paying too much for the babe (as below), they're usually trying to hide the money from everyone else.

From CB in New Hope:
I tell Bren this morning about your Dad asscrack girl...and instead of laughing, she sez: "I know her!"

Seems there is a receptionist at her office. I'll try to recreate Bren's description: "Some chippie -- 18? 19? 25? -- with so many various venereal diseases she may have to get a hysterectomy." (And they really know that stuff when you work at an OB/GYN office.)

Anyway, young chippie walks around with red thong showing, ass crack hanging, and DAD proudly displayed.

NJ receptionist? NYC Chinese eatery? Coincidence? Hmmm...I don't think so.

Unless, of course, there is some down-with-the-crips Snoop Dogg thing the girls got these days with painting DAD on their ass that we're too old to know about.

I hope not, though.

And does that mean there are guys running around with MOM stenciled inches from their johnson?

good god in the morning.

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