Saturday, June 01, 2002

Just got word of this nice little honor and to Mr. EBench's credit, he has a good explanation of what Suburban Limbo is all about (except maybe for the Donald Fagen reference, which confuses me, but that's cool). Anyway, here's Mr. EBench thinks he's reading here.

the EBENCHBLOGOFTHEWEEKEND(cue:fanfare of Mice/Mouses) is suburbanlimbo

Ive been reading this blog faithfully (2~3 times a week...well! thats MY idea of being "faithful" OK?)for months now. I don't really understand WHY i like just has a calming effect.The BLOGMEISTER has no axe to grid.He just reflects his world. Can be funny/serious/wry/whatever......Reminds me of reading a short story about middle~American...sort of RAYMOND CARVER without the booze & angst...perhaps listening to DONALD FAGEN on a good day????The Internet makes such feelings of mine so accessible..As a kid/teenybopper/aspiring hippie...US seemed so remote and exotic....I can now read it as it happens & send the character an email.

We are back to my William Burroughs fantasies again? Imagine reading "The Naked Lunch" ,putting it down halfway through, and sending Ol'Billy an email! Wow...what a strange youth i must have been!!!!!!

Anyway, MR LIMBO jumps his blog ,Gently, off at tangents all the time. Its always interesting (eg at the moment a personal reflection on a visit to the World Trades site in NY...makes more sense to me than DUBYA.) ENJOY

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