Tuesday, June 04, 2002


Isn't it good to know that the people who toil day in and day out selling vibrators and lube can still figure out a way to voice their political opinions?

Every trip to NYC makes me remember how sophisticated the locals are - even in their vending machines.

Gigging with Otis was big fun. Here are the other 2/3s of the combo during practice at the Think Tank (Hoboken's finest rehearsal space). On drums, Chris Butler, one-time guru and songwriter of the Waitresses (I Know What Boy's Like, Christmas Wrapping). On guitar and rock star attitude is the man, Otis Ball. As Otis mentioned to me, the hardest part of these gigs wasn't recalling the songs after 12 years, it was the physical act of standing up and playing guitar for a few hours at a stretch. I fogot how much sweat was involved. Luckily, my back held out and Butler's Who-inspired drums saved the collective asses of Otis and myself many times during these shows.

If you go to Otis' site (link to left) you can download the somewhat crunchy version of "Fire Needs Oxygen", a new song Otis penned so that our "reunion" would have that authentic, we got together for the bucks and threw together one new tune feel that all the big rock bands have during their reunions. If we can't be huge, we can at least act huge.

THE SCENE: A Chinese restaurant, late at night. As my table chows down on a fine assortment of sauteed chives and seafood, a girl and her boyfriend sit at the table opposite. What's that I see? A red thong showing above her white pants? No big deal...but wait, what's that? A tattoo script reading Dad just above the crack on her ass? Look closely, it's there. I snap this picture and wonder - just what incident provoked that tattoo? Do I want to know? No. This picture will do.

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