Tuesday, June 25, 2002

I usually avoid morning televison on the major networks because it's just a bunch of dumb happy news. Katie Couric also reminds me of an ex-girlfriend too, and that doesn't help But I was glued to the Katie Show this morning as she sliced and diced conservative pundit Ann Coulter, there to pitch her book Slander (a subject she certainly knows quite a bit about).

Having forgetten entirely that Katie can be a newsperson and do a real inteerview when she gets a chance, I was delighted to watch her repeatedly correct numerous errors and factual distortions in Ann's book. For one, which involved a claim that Katie and her co-host Matt Laurer said something supposedly biased three days in a row, Katie actually said, "No, it was said just once. I can get you the transcripts if you'd like."

More astonishing to me was how utterly out of step Coulter appeared. Her pronouncements and claims seemed so middle 90s, so Newt G. She's still holding onto the belief that the US should march forth into the Muslum world and convert the them into Christianity because it would give them something better to do than "kill the infidels." Particularly annoying was the way when she was caught in a error, she would laugh and say it was no big deal. This, despite that fact that her book is basically a list of errors the "liberal media" has committed over the years. Her schtick reminds me a lot of Pat Buchannan, who's got nothing left to say on the national stage unless it turns out he was Deep Throat. Coulter too should realize her time is over and soon the only gig she'll be able to get is speechwriter for the Lester Maddox Fan Club.

So Katie has won my admiration for the day while Ann remains the Stepford Pundit who should have been on the plane that crashed into the Pentegon on 9/11.


The rain here has been Biblical in proportion lately. Rain in the morning, rain in the afternoon. Rarely rain at night, which sucks because I kind of like rain at night, but during the day, it just means Jake will be playing basketball in my room. It's a bit sunny today, so maybe things are looking up.


BTW - here's an interesting blog: blissfully bitter|weblog

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