Thursday, June 20, 2002

Amazingly, I beat Tom Tomorrow on America's Shopping Bag answer to terrorism. Yes, I barked about this months ago and it seems just as stupid today as back then. The motivation is more transparent than ever, however, I now see it as a government operation more than a local business thing.

You see, I think Bush & All wants us to believe there's a shooting war going on whenever it suits their needs. But if we started to actually act like there's a shooting war - for instance, if we got depressed or worried and stopped buying consumer crap and and tried to conserve resources to support our boys and girls overseas - it would be revealed that the real war is keeping the economy afloat. If the economy goes further into the dumper, GWB will be back in baseball in a few years and a lot of corporate supporters will be pissed (not to mention those instituional investors who count on the dumb little guy's faith in the market in order to make a profit).

If there was a real war, people might start asking questions, Congress might have something to say, better enemies than Some really bad guys would have to be found. Maybe that's too much work?

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