Tuesday, July 23, 2002

New York proved to be as broiling hot as Orlando, with the added problem that few folks up there do air conditioning seriously. Each May, they drag out a rusting old window AC unit from the celler and install it with wooden shims, duct tape and bricks. It's about as efficient as a ceiling fan on low with a ice cube nearby. I slept four of five nights in a pool of sweat on my friend Dave's couch because the AC in his bedroom couldn't send a cool draft to the adjoining living room. On the plus side, Dave is cool and his couch is comfy, so it worked out.

MacWorld was a pleasant diversion, although no major announcements rocked my world. It was fun playing with OSX 10.2 and even more fun to observe a dearth of bodies hanging around Microsoft's booth. The magician/shill working at Iomega's stage had bigger crowds for every show. Have people finally figured out that with Appleworks and shareware like Thinkfree Office, they don't need to buy Microsoft products anymore? Gosh, I hope so.

The high point of my show (as always) - stopping by to watch former Brady Bunch kid Chris Knight (aka Peter brady) smile and walk through countless demos forEskape labs, the computer company with which he's worked for years.

On a final Mac note, I found an interesting Flash animation parody of the current Mac commercials at Ubergeektv called, Fuck your Macintosh Lifestyle. The strange thing is how well it seems to support the whole Mac strategy. In fact, this would make a pretty cool Mac commercial. I especially like the part where the ex-PC dude recalls how his father beat him with a PC. I just love that my choice of box pisses off sombody so much. Frankly, I couldn't care less what anybody else uses, but I am hiughly amused by the number of PC friends going Mac, including 2 of my bandmates in Hoboken who less than a year ago were hardcore PC supporters.


I've been getting an almost daily pre-recorded phone call from Kerry of Great Escapes Travel in Daytona Beach telling me I've won a trip to Las Vegas if I call before midnight tonight. Want to help me fuck these people over? Their number is 800 449-1229. Please set your autodialers to that number for one night and let your computer make a few hundred calls. I figure each call costs them 50 cents or so, so that should be a nice gift for the bastards.

If you want some facts about your rights, check out Unwanted Telephone Marketing Calls, a consumer guide published by the FCC which details all the demands you can make to every phone solicitor and how you might sue them if they fail to comply.


You gotta love an ex-junkie cowboy singer who's gotten sober, turned bluegrass and now can write a song that makes Nashville's music elite shriek in disgust. It seems Alt Country legend Steve Earle has written a somewhat sympathetic song about of American Taliban John Walker Lindh - Earle's 'U.S. Taliban' Ballad Inspires Controversy.

I haven't heard the cut, but from the lyrics quoted, it hardly seems that Earle is stating a case for supporting the Taliban. It's more like he tried to get inside Lindh's head and reveal what might have been going on there. No matter. Most folks don't give a shit about Lindh's thoughts and only want him strung up on a pole.

I say Rock On Steve. If musicians aren't annoying somebody, they're probably in danger of becoming a Boy Band. (Thanks to CB for the tip on this one)

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