Tuesday, July 02, 2002

While we in America worry about terror alerts and watch our 401K shrink, Britian's Observer hired investigative journalist Gregory Palast to investigate the Florida Presidential vote. Yeah, I know. It's a done deal. The courts gave it to Bush. But if you're in a conspiracy frame of mind, check out this:

How the “felon” voter-purge was itself felonious

Basically, says Palast - “Here’s how your President was elected: In the year leading up to the Presidential election, Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush removed tens of thousands of citizens from the voter rolls.  Harris claimed they were felons – but almost none were – though 54% were guilty of being African-American....”

Oops. Of course, we here in war-torn America can't be bothered with little details like that. I guess it's another liberal media conspiracy, huh? Luckily, Ms. Harris knows how to pour gas on the fire by writing a letter in response KATHERINE HARRIS SAYS PALAST 'TWISTED AND MANIACAL' . However, if she's going to go to all the trouble, she should at least deny the charges cleanly. Instead she provides a convoluted answer that sounds like something out of the Nixon White House.

(Props to the Blowtorch Monkey Armada for pointing out this item. See link to left.)


BTW - Tomorrow in July 4th and this Saturday starts a week of family vacation. Suburban Limbo will likely be in the summer doldrums for a while. But fear not. From breaks like this comes more content.

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