Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Today I have a job interview at the University at which I taught last semester. It's for a full-time spot, rather than just the adjunct thing I did last year. I'm hopeful it'll go well, especially since the job was kind of created for me (or at least adapted for me). But I've been getting weird vibes from everyone involved, as if they've been told "No, it's not in the bag for him" or there are other serious contenders. it's like most of the department has forgotten I worked there last year.

It's probably just my paranoia. We'll see.

On an all together different note, we got Jake a little paint set to paint flower pots. It turns out the paint is some sort of weird stuff that doesn't just wash out. I'm finding paint splatters all over the house. Each and every one has been a pain in the ass to remove. Something to consider when buying you kid paints.

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