Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Regular Suburban Limbo fans might like to know that "The Ice Beneath You", the debut novel of CB of PA (aka: Chris Bauman) is starting to get some lovely reviews from folks besides people Chris knows personally. Check out this:

"This sterling first novel offers a study in quiet tension and contemporary social malaise...Bauman's style is terse, candid and on target with both language and circumstances. His close analysis of character motivation lends extra tension to an already suspenseful account...A war story for the new millennium."
-Publishers Weekly

Publisher's Weekly? Hot damn! And how about another:

"Coming home is never easy. When you have a guilty conscience, it's even harder. A fresh, straightforward debut that strikes just the right balance between action and recollection."
-Kirkus Reviews

You can preorder books now but to help CB earn a few extra pennies, go through his web site Yeah, this is a shameless plug, but keep in mind I get nothing in return. If you've got something equally plugable, feel free to write.

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