Monday, August 26, 2002

Due to the course I'm teaching (American Independent Cinema), my DVD viewing for the past week or so has been consumed with melodramas and horror flicks from the late 50 and early 60s. I seriously considered spending a full class on the famously pathetic filmmaker Ed Wood, but after viewing Glen or Glenda and Bride of The Monster again, I realized there just isn't enough beer on campus to make those films watchable for the class. So we'll skip that and move into horror with Dementia 13 (Francis Coppola's legit debut) and the breathtakingly obscure Carnival of Souls. After that, it's on to Sexplotation!

Here's the working list so far. Suggestions?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (56)
Dementia 13 (63) / Carnival of Souls (62)
Naked Kiss (64)
Faster Pussycat (65)
Medium Cool (69)
Coffy (73)
Boxcar Bertha (72)
Desperate Living (77)
Atomic Cafe (82)
Smithereens (82)
Brother From Another Planet (84)
Spare Me (92)
Safe (95)
Slamnation (98)
Series 7 (2000)


Suburbs are strange places. I know many more of the dogs by name in my neighborhood than people. When walking Tesla in the AM, she meets, sniffs and barks at everything and I happily bend down and pet them all. I get the dog's name, but the owner rarely introduces themselves. I used to cross this line and introduce myself, but I've realized that's breaking rules. The meeting of dogs exists on a different plane than the meeting of people. People wave, say "Good Morning" and walk away. In fact, people usually try to avoid each other, which is tough as there are a half dozen of us walking dogs at the same time. We take different routes, cross the street and hide behind trees, so that our dogs don't see each other, get excited and pull to sniff or threaten to attack with barks and snarls.

We need to get organized - a neighborhood map with designatd walking timems and routes. If only I knew those people by name.

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