Tuesday, August 06, 2002

I got word today that I've been officially offered a full-time position in the film department of the local university. Yeah. It should be cool. The department chairman describes the gig as being the Chief Operating Officer of the department. Another professor described it as being the guy in charge of the equipment area. I'm sure it'll be somewhere in between. I'll push it toward my interests and I think the chairman (who's very cool), will back me up. He just wants somebody who solves problems instead of creates them. I can handle that.

This is my favorite state of being. Knowing what I'll be doing in a few weeks - and that it will be a drastic change from my current life - is perversely relaxing to me. I love the sensation. I get very calm and content about everything because nothing matters - it's all going to change soon. It's like I've eaten a lot of chocolate.

I've gotten similar feelings whenever I moved. I would set the move months in advance, clear my schedule and then delight in the drift of a life devoid of worries and obligations. The little shit like packing was never a problem for me, so I'd do all the things having a job prevented me from doing and delight in every minute of it. Similarly, whenever I take a job, I delight in the exact opposite - planning to be needed all the time, buying new clothes, closing freelance accounts. I don't have a favorite direction - to unemployment or to work - I just dig changes.

I don't even mind that I finally went to the doctor today and got a variety of medicore news. My blood work sucked - my triglycerides are over 400 - I need to lose weight, get a full stress test, get a colonoscopy, eat right (not too many fats, not too many carbs or proteins. That leaves Kale. Lots of Kale and other leafy veggies). Blah, blah, blah...whatever. I'm happy. Life's about to make a big left-hand turn and I'm driving the car.

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