Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Spent last Saturday at Orlando's annual Anime Festival. I rather like wandering around an event and scene that I know little about. It was costume competition time when I arrived, so the hallways of hotel were packed with teens dressed as their fave anime heros. The best was probably a girl who came as a character from Final Fantasy. But the fetish tally runs high in that scene for teenage Japanese schoolgirls, so quite a few costumes involved prim private school outfits, long striaght hair and and slightly goth makeup (if you can't be Japanese, at least look exotic, ya know?).

The best time is had in wandering the vendor booths and pondering ths stocks of CDs, most of which are labeled in Kanji, so one has to look at the pictures to determin what's inside. Being that one of my fave anime's is Lain: Serial Experiments I picked up a CD of all the dance tracks from Cyberia, the teen club in the anime. No DVDs this year as I still haven't watched everything I bought last year.

I also picked up a pair of scrolls (Lain and Cowboy BeBop), which will adorn the walls of my office as soon as I get it together.

The next best fun comes from checking out anime's in the theaters. The video game room, while interesting, smelled like one big sweaty pile of chunky white guys, all twitching and punching hand controllers with their thumbs. The artist areas hold no interest for me. It's not that I don't care, I just...well, okay, I don't care. I don't need to schmooze some guy who was a colorist for Gundam. Who gives a rat's ass? But at least I'm not walking around like that snotty little twit wearing the big button that read No, I don't want to see your shitty fan art. I'll bet he didn't get any that night.

Award for The Most Pathetic Anime Fan goes to the fat kid who sat himself down in the hall way, put his laptop on a little table and ran his dark, confused and virtually unwatchable homemade anime again and again and again on the 12" screen. Rock on, young bro. Your schtick was annoying as hell, but people don't get discovered hiding in their rooms. At least you got out among the masses and if you're lucky, maybe you hooked up with some anime hottie dressed up like a school girl. Worse things could happen, believe me.

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