Tuesday, August 20, 2002

I forgot how much time a full-time really takes out of one's schedule. Especially when one is somewhat responsible and trys to actually work while at the place that pays one to...uhhh...work. For the past few days, I've been more of a janitor and party planner than any of that white collar stuff I was sold on. Hopefully that will change. I don't think anyone understands why I'm lugging boxes around the editing rooms. But if they don't leave my office, I'll never have room for a desk.

The students seem a lot more interesting and happy this year, which will be great compared to the zombie-like wankers who populated my class last year. I found out 16 people have registered for my class, which is good when one considers it was created too late to be in the Course Guide and even in the web guide, it's simply listed as Special Topic instead of its proper title, American Independet Film - Post WW II (or as I like to call it Bugs, Bikers and The Blair Witch

If anyone has suggestions of great American indie films that I should show in class, feel free to send up this way. I'm particularly looking for the best 50s and 60s genre films (bikers, monsters, sexplotation, etc.). I'm thinking of starting with The Blob as it has name appeal (Steve MCQueen), it's fun and I know we have it in the library.

Operators are standing by for your suggestions.

Also, I'm experimenting with running a blog for the class (no, I'm not providing a link here). I'm curious to see if the kids get it and use it. Maybe I can start a trend.

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