Saturday, October 19, 2002

From Warren in Hollywood:

"Suburban Limbo's favorite offensive sitcom finally got the long awaited ax this week. The perilous timeslot of Sunday turned out to be less perilous than Thursday, as the juggernaut of CSI, NBC's Must-See lineup, and perhaps most importantly, the teen-friendly WWE Smackdown! combined to crush "Off Centre" like the bugs that infested the characters' crotches in our infamous crabs episode of last year.

We move forward bravely, remembering the good times, relishing the fact that we got to do 28 episodes about farting, masturbation, porn, three-way sex, and of course, ass-crack tattoos that say "Dad." So thanks to you and all who supported us.


Luckily, I stumbled on to an episode of "Off Centre" a week or two ago. It was the one dealing with the girl's ass-crack tattoo, a story which started right here on Suburban Limbo (actually, it started in a Chinese restaurant in NYC, but...). A new entry for my Brush With Greatness file. BTW - the show had some fun moments and the Asian character reminded me of a Slam Poetry artist, Beau Sia, who was part of the film Slamnation.

Oh well, sorry to see the day gig dry up for Warren. But I'm sure he'll take some time off, knock a few strokes from his handicap and hook up with another television epic soon enough.

Another update - CB's book "The Ice beneath You" just got an excellent write-up in the LA Weekly's First Fiction section. Sell those books, baby!

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