Thursday, November 07, 2002

Susan from Austin wrote: I want to hear what you have to say when your brain is slacking off- I could probably really relate! I'm glad to see you're kinda more occupied with the stuff most of us schleps have to deal with every day, never ending. It's kinda like misery loves company-but misery isn't an accurate word. Maybe strange reality loves company. Whatever...

Slacking off? No. It might be a mental drop-off artistically (at least my version of it, which is more like hustling). But it's really a left brain/ right brain thing. I get into swings like this where I excel at organization, plowing into large portentious tasts (like building a 3,000 item media archive) and the sheer joy of detailed, mundane work. I'm very happy with this. It's almost like resting because I constantly have something to do. I need that. I'm not a great vacation person. Usually I try to invent something to do (and some way to get paid). But I learned long ago that I need mental downtime like this. I also need to accomplish something daily. Making a living and organizing a film department are fine goals for now.

Oddly, I see where this sort of contentment leads - acceptance of the stupid. Typically, I would be aghast at Tuesday's elections. Now, I just didn't care (although I was rather pleased that the idiot SEC chief took the hint and quit). Instead, I'm thinking longer view. Bush and his buddies won this one, so let them try to lead with their mandate. My money is on them crumbling quicker that the Newt G. Congress. What goes up comes down, ya know? Especially in America. My only goal now is to hide out of sight from those Bozos and their war plans and hope like hell that they're all dead and gone by the time Jake turns drafting age.

I'll have to make up for all this by seeing "Bowling for Columbine" this week. If I can't join the march, at least I can put some money in Michael Moore's pocket.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Q & A
On Monday, November 4, 2002, at 10:15 AM, CB wrote:

dude, is your blog dead?

Is does seem that way, huh?

I want to start writing again, really. But I need to get my left brain working. My right brain has been occupied lately with budgets and workflow and other employment stuff. My left brain has just been slacking off, drinking, staying up late, flicking through 420 cable channels one at a time. It's sad, sure, but at least it's staying home at night. It used to be murder when the left brain would go party downtown until all hours.