Monday, January 27, 2003

I'm just back from Sundance, where, I'm proud to say, I saw not one film, although I did see two film critics. In the formative stages is an op-ed piece, your comments welcome at this point, regarding the currently tanking music industry, and its ally the film industry, and their attacks on the customer's right to enjoy, copy, and move the artifacts he or she "buys" from them.  My premise is that any industry whose business model is "sue the customer" is in big trouble.  Nobody twisted these industries' arms to make them make and market product overwhelmingly to the 13-24 year old market.  Too bad for them that happens to be the segment of the population with more time than money, so the segment most eager to spent the time downloading to save the bucks on (possibly overpriced) CDs.  The solution for both industries is to leave the customer, and the government, alone, and learn (or re-learn) to market to that very large segment of the population with more money than time. 

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