Monday, March 24, 2003

Warren wrote in - After all, who can name a single act of effective diplomacy regarding Iraq in the last 12 years?

I wrote back - You're confusing diplomacy with coercion. There was no effective coercion. Diplomacy is about two parties meeting (or butting heads) somewhere in the middle. As ugly as it was, the Cold War was successful diplomacy. The US and others failed to turn Iraq to their direction, but Iraq didn't invade anyone and inspectors (when they were there) sometimes succeeded at what they tried to do. They could have done more had they not been forced to leave

The US failed at diplomacy because members of the US administration have wanted this war since before Bush took office. They've written papers on it and made public plans about how it was necessary. Then, they waited for a pretext. Of course, none of them will be fighting, but they will offer prayer whenever a few America kids get killed or captured. It makes me feel warm.

Again, I don't like Saddam and I'd like him dead or out of power. But there were many shades of pressure left to explore before invading.

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