Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Slimeball talkshow host Michael Savage (aka Michael Alan Weiner) was fired for..well...hell, you know what he was fired for - being an obnoxious ass on air. Surprised? Ca'mon. I'm only surprised MSNBC noticed. Does anyone - even the employees - watch that network?

My fave moments of this little breakdown...according to one report, Mr. Weiner now claims "he thought he was off the air" when he said his comments. He thought he was off the air? How do you say bullshit in conservative? Oh, I know - CLINTON! See the clip for yourself by clicking here (props to Does it look like Mr. Weiner is off air? Or does it look like he's addressing a TV audience? Hmmmm. I especially like how his crew managed to bleep out part of the caller's comments (which mentioned another radio show) but not Weiner's reasons for termination.

On the apology front, Mr. Weiner not only performed the standards - "If my comments brought pain to anyone I certainly did not intend for this to happen and apologize for any such reaction" - he took the time to invent a new demographic for his show, adding, "I especially appeal to my many listeners in the gay community to accept my apologies for any inadvertent insults which may have occurred."

His many listeners in the gay community? It makes me wonder what Hitler would have said had he been forced to kowtow for WWII - "I especially want to apologize to my many Jewish and black friends who might have been inadvertently hurt or insulted by the actions of my subordinates."


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