Sunday, September 07, 2003

Sorry, I've been painfully slack lately as work has been absurdly busy. I'm in the process of rebuilding 10 video edit stations, which includes new machines, hardware upgrades and lots of software upgrades. Plus, I really don't know if some of our plans will work. Yahoo.

Even though I'm stupidly busy, I find reasons to take on more work - like designing the newsletter for Jake's school. It only took a few days to discover why designers hate clients. You create something bold and sharp and they say "We love it, but could make our name bigger, use this script font for the headline, add these extra 2000 words of copy and put in more pictures of the kids?"

Perhaps this is why their last newsletter looked like a ransom note?

I'm holding my ground on most issues, as I really don't want to gum this up with silly script fonts (it helps that they get me a usable font file of Shelly Volante). I get the feeling that once people see it, the school will get so many positive reactions that they'll pat themselves on the back for following my advice.

In other news, Natalie had her appendix removed in a sudden operation a few Saturdays ago. That was fun. She's getting better, although both she and I went through a period worrying that her scar might open up and her insides would fall out. We should be smarter than to think that, no?

In software news, I'm enjoying the hell out of Extensis Suitcase (for cleaning up my font mess), MaxBulk mailer (for managing my email lists), Microsoft Office for Students & Teachers (an bargain at $99 for three licenses) plus all the goodies that make up Final Cut Pro 4 (Soundtrack rocks). Also, for those of you who listen to music and such via your computer, check out AudioHijack, which allows you to capture any audio stream from any piece of software on your computer. Those RealMedia streams become a lot more real when you can capture them and burn it to a CD. My Wilco live collection is growing.