Friday, October 24, 2003

Yeah, the Limbo's been down, but it ain't out yet. I've been having one of those moods where I wonder - What's the point of blogging anyway? That and I'm busy with work (who isn't?). And my son has a birthday party this weekend, so I'm teaching myself how to make balloon animals. Oh yeah, and my Dad has cancer. That alone is a real blog-killer. I've been running south to deal with that, giving him showers when he came out of the hospital missing a kidney and some tumor. Finally out of the morphine haze, he asked today if I was really in town with him during the two nights he ripped out his IVs and catheter. I was. Such fun.

You should all avoid such fun.

Hey, today was my birthday. Wahoo.

It appears my buddy Gregg Cagno is a commodity in the land of the rising sun. Check it out Gregg Cagno

I wonder if this is some sort of bootleg based on the half dozen CDs of Gregg's I sold to an Asian one-stop back in the Zesty days? Hmmm

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