Friday, November 07, 2003

Natalie and I just returned from four days in St. John, attending a friend's wedding. A nice place, quiet, no televisions, no car, lovely weather, plenty of sea creatures to view when snorkeling. But I gotta say, the travel thing really wears on me. It seems no matter where one goes, if it involves a plane, you're looking at 6-10 hours travel time easy.

From home, we left at 5:30 am. Took a car to Orlando airport, plane to Puerto Rico, another plane to St. Thomas, an open-air taxi to a dock where we picked up a boat for a 35 minute cruise to St. John (a near vomit-launch with those breakers) and then another shuttle at Caneel Bay to our room. Arrived in room @ 3:30 pm. Granted, we moved up one time zone, but that's still 9 hours.

On the way home, they requested we arrive at tiny (six gates) St. Thomas airport three hours prior to departure. Three hours? Are they planning on strip searching everyone? Sadly, no. I guess they were hoping we'd spent a few more bucks on trinkets and curried chicken. I should have gone for the later, as San Juan airport has the planet's crappiest selections of eateries for a modern airport. KFC or MacDonald's needs to set up a beachhead there pronto.

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