Saturday, November 08, 2003

I was doing a little ego-surfing late last night and found The Twin/Tone Records site (my name is on a couple of the compliations they released way back when). It's a fascinating place to surf. First, the guy actually lists the sales of many you can find out the first Jayhawks record sold "1,383 vinyl copies, 1,464 cassettes and 2,876 CDs prior to the band being signed to American Records." Wow. Check out the numbers from David Thompson's solo career. He was/is the lead singer of the legendary Pere Ubu. He doesn't crack 2,000 on some records. Sad I know, but it makes me feel better good about my own pathetic CD sales.

There are lots of Quicktime videos and Replacement fans out there will discover two sets from the band recorded in September 1981 before Let It Be. The boys are a bit out of tune, but rocking nonetheless. Of course, it makes one realize how essential Bob Stinson was to that band. It doesn't matter that he was a raving loon and junkie, he kicked those songs in the ass. Westerberg is so young, he and Tommy look about the same age. A lovely flashback to the days before the machine ate those guys for lunch and recycled Westernberg's whole schtick into that guy from the Goo Goo Dolls.

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