Monday, July 05, 2004

The 4th of July turned out mighty fine here, the local explosion shows bested by a terrific lighting display and a huge rainbow stretching over downtown. A small party and no injuries, just like we like it.

It was all preceded by an excellent Free Comics Day. Learned an interesting thing - one comic store had all the standard titles: Superman, CSI, Archie, etc. We first got some from there. Then later that day, I went to Sci-Fi City, the local homebase to Trekkies and D&D fans. They had about 60% different comics, the much weird and fun stuff like Slave Labor Stories and compilations from Top Shelf Tales and Keenspot. All in all, more along my sensibilities. The store full of black-clad kids sitting around tables and rolling dice in RPGs was pretty fun too. SCi-Fi City is it's own bizarro culture and they really make it work by creating a home for the outcasts.

That's the secret to every good organization.

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