Saturday, July 17, 2004

Alan M - from somewhere in the Northeast - sent this email, which I found weird, flattering and oddly nostalgic for a part of my past that I don't recall. Hey, that's what having a history's all about! I've written back and I'm hoping he'll explain what's being reported about me on that Scranton classic rock station. I'm curious if my guess is correct.

Hi. First of all, I'm not sure that I am talking to the right guy, so if your not the person I think you are, Pardon....Anyway, My name is Alan Mill*r, and I am originally from Long Island, New York. I believe I may know you. I think we met briefly on several occasions through a mutual friend in Merrick Long Island. My friend at the time was Billy Deeg*n from North Merrick. His other pal, Jim Simons*n. If you are the right person, I think you played some guitar on a few of Billy and my songs. We were doing some recording in "George's" [I forget his last name] Basement Studio. You did some real nice Guitar Work on Billy's "What would I do without you at Christmastime". I think Billy Told me later that you moved to Nashville to pursue your music career. I also remember a guy named Ed something in your guys circle that almost became one of "The New Monkees's"?

I am sorry to hear about some of your current situations. Am I reading correctly the story on the Tape you made? Is that your personal situation, or are you just reporting it? Reason I ask is that your story has reached even my Local radio station. I live outside of Scranton, PA and I heard the DJ's reporting it on the classic rock station. They were stating on how creative an idea it was. Hopefully there are some good things going on for you as well.

By the way, I remember that old "Rage to live album" you guys made years ago...great record! So, have you been involved with Bar None Records? That is originally how I recognized your name. It was attached to Bar none in some fashion, and I picked up on it. Freedie Johnston is one of my favorite artists, and I was trying to write Bar none to see if they would send me an autograph from him. Internet is definately a web concept................

Anyway, write back and let me know if I got the right guy, and best of luck!

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