Friday, August 13, 2004


The media loves over-covering storms because it's as easy as pointing a camera at an explosion and it makes them feel civic-minded. Today they closed all schools, but there was no rain to be found in the morning and early PM. I got home from work at 2pm, figuring this hurricane thing was going to be yet another weather bust. Then I looked up and saw this line of clouds coming at me. Ye-ow! I snapped the picture above of the storm line rolling over our house and started hiding backyard furniture.

This storm is moving fast. The wind kicked up from zero to 30 in about five seconds. Heavy rains came two minutes later. When I went inside, the TV was showing the leading edge of the storm coming over downtown (the same shot as above from a different POV).

Everything blew past in about 10 minutes, and now it's clear, with rumbling in the distance. Considering the violent thunderstorms we get daily down here, I can't say this was anything to get worried about yet, but there does seem to be a mess down south heading up this way. I've never sat out a 140-mph storm at home, so things should get interesting tonight.

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