Monday, August 16, 2004


Here's a little 40-foot branch hanging from the tree outside.

We've now gone three days without power, although streetlights came back on last night, so there's hope that maybe today will be the day. I heard Port Charlotte might be without power for a month or more. No power means no schools. Summer camps should be reopened.

The distribution of information by the government sucks. Radio can hardly be bothered to break from their format to cover the news (even if they had reporters and resources). The NPR station keeps loosing power and going off air. I suppose the newspaper would be useful, but it's day old news by the time we read it and this situation is so fluid. Are we suppose to boil water or not? What's the process for getting trees removed from your house? Your front yard? Your neighbor's yard?

I'm stunned the city doesn't at the very least have a system of tacking up notices to trees telling residents what they need to know. This is where tempers flare. We hear Gov. Bush on the radio promising this and that but nobody is answering basic, local questions.


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