Sunday, March 26, 2006


Hey Rich,
Got home at 3:30 am this morning after stopping off in southern Ontario to visit a friend (who has a Rambler too). The car never missed a beat! We went to the drive-in the day I talked to you, developed a front end shake on the way home, so I put two new tires on the front on the way out to Space Centre the next morning, problem solved. Left Orlando Saturday morning, went and did a little cruisin' on the beach at Daytona, then headed north. Stayed near Charlotte Saturday, then up to Pittsburgh and scalped some tickets to the Leafs/Penguins game Sunday night. Monday drove to Cleveland and checked out the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for a few hours, then headed for the border and customs. Breezed through there (honest faces + proper paperwork), stopped at my buddies place for a beer, then motored home. 1713 miles and about $275.00 worth of gas, and an .89 cent screwdriver (to turn the choke off) is all it took. The car never burned or leaked a drop of oil the whole way. The heater valve cable was broken so I turned it on manually, we never hit one drop of rain (good thing/wipers), and the only thing that didn't work was the horn. All things considered, great road trip! My photos aren't digital, so I'll scan/send when I get them back. Thanks for the shot in your driveway, it's a great one.
Seann & Craig

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